We are ExtraCult

ExtraCult is a new brand from LabServicePhoto, a print laboratory of applied arts.

LabServicePhoto is a long established company specializing in Fine Art printing at the highest level.

We have invested in the best technologies available, changing  the very concept of printed artworks.

As well as on various kinds of high quality paper, we print on complex materials, including our latest experiments on concrete, particle board, metal and acrylic glass, transforming the act of printing into a conceptual project.

ExtraCULT is the culmination of years of experience in our laboratory.

We wish to create collectable items, in collaboration with graphic designers and illustrators from all over the world.

We are producing a new collection including snowboards, skateboards, miniatures and posters made of acrylic glass as hang-up graphics.


Premium Quality

Our items are handcrafted and edges are polished to a diamond finish.


We use the highest quality pigments and perfectly balanced colour rendering.


Project collaborations with renowned international artists.


Benni Pedi

head of company

Franco Mangiapane

Quality Engineer

Giuseppe Glorioso


Carlo Francesco Vitrano

Web Developer