Owl – Limited Edition


Owl skateboard digital print on 8mm thick acrylic glass with hand  polished edges. Digital reproduction on a skateboard shape panel with thermoformed ends.

Limited Edition 15 printed copies with certificate of authenticity


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Owl – Limited Edition

Owl printing on 8mm thick acrylic glass, hand polished edge. Digital reproduction on a skateboard-shaped panel with folded edges.

Mauro Li Vigni is a self-taught artist. His works, deeply original. they are influenced by a variety of pictorial styles. The defined edges of his figures, the intense colors used and the unusual shapes of his drawings come from the pictorial tradition of the Australian Aborigines. He is also influenced by the instinctive technique of doodling with his tendency to bundle the different images. Another dominant feature in his works is the tendency to prefer the distortion of images, especially of human faces, which in this way become something else.
On a technical level in these works Mauro Li Vigni has used acrylic painting on canvas but often makes use of the collage that integrates with traditional painting. The reproduction of his works, inspired by tribal art, on acrylic glass is particularly interesting. This unusual material makes the works a beautiful brightness.
The constant presence of the monstrous in his works, often revisited with extreme irony, makes his monsters surprising and nice. Each work by Mauro Li Vigni, as he himself loves to say: “… reminds him of classical music, every time you listen you can find something new, something that surprises you”.




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20×80 cm

Limited Edition

Max 15 Copies

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